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Alight Motion Mod APK App Latest Version 2023

An outstanding selection of filters and professional editing tools within your reach. With Alight Motion Mod Apk as your trusty tool, you’ll sweep the editing world—photos, videos, animations, or anything in between!

Are you enthusiastic about graphic design but are facing a deadlock to create work that catches the eye with a professional and unusual touch?

Well, we have the perfect solution just for you!

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Are you searching for a professional video editing tool? than we are excited to see you on the Alight Motion Mod APK!

Get ready to unlock your craft and explore the world of professional-level video editing, motion graphics, and visual effects. Alight Motion Mod APK is an improved model of the in-demand Alight Motion app, with added and dynamic features.

Bringing forth the Alight Motion Mod APK software, a cutting-edge animated graphic design application that will shake up your creative process. Open a world of high-octane editing tools and an endless range of magnetic visual effects that are indeed one-of-a-kind. Don’t wait a second longer—engross yourself in this app and encounter new design excellence!

Alight Motion Mod Apk (No Water Mark, Unlocked)

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Alight Motion Mod Apk


Alight Creative, inc.


Video Players &d editors


110 MB

Latest Version


MOD info

No Watermark, Unlock

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What is the Alight Motion Mod APK App?

The term ‘Alight’ itself refers to something that’s illuminated or filled with light, and when it comes to video editing, Alight Motion indeed illuminates your creative path. The modded version of the Alight Motion app download brings you additional features and unlocks premium capabilities, allowing you to take your video editing to the next level.

With the Alight Motion Mod APK download, you gain access to the premium version of the app without the need for a subscription. This means you can enjoy advanced features such as keyframe animation, visual effects, and more, free of charge. Plus, you can explore all versions of the modded APK, ensuring you have the one that best suits your needs.

Add Alight Motion App to your gear to bring your graphic design game to the next level!

We’ve great news for you—an easy-to-use free version of the Alight Motion App download is available, loaded with all the necessary features.

The only catch?

Your created videos or photos will have a faint software copyright watermark.

But guess what?

You can erase that watermark and access advanced features by downloading the Pro version.

The best part?

It’s worth it!

While the Pro version offers all these features at a reasonable price, you can use those premium features without spending an extra penny through the Alight Motion Mod APK all version.

Alight motion masking
Alight motion graphic
Alight motion preset motion

Alight Motion Pro: The Updated Version

Conquer the skill of video editing with Alight Motion, the product of Alight Creative.


All set for the new updated version, released on July 03, 2023. This powerhouse of an app is packed in a mere 160 megabytes and operates on an Android system version 6.0 or higher. With its intuitive interface, Alight Motion is the prime solution for Google Play users, making it the number one favorite among video junkies. Get charged for a flawless experience as Alight Motion Pro enables you with the power to create exciting videos utilizing a collage of photos or breathing life into your video footage with professional-grade graphics. With Alight Motion APK Mod, you can discover your creativity like never before!


Experience the secret behind the rising popularity of Alight Motion Pro! Prepare to be amazed as we reveal the mighty benefits of this phenomenal app. Let’s dive in and explore the eye-catching features that await you in this fascinating application!

Prominent Benefits of Alight Motion Mod APK

Alight Motion Mod APK Download will upgrade your videos to a new magnitude. Whether you’re a seasoned filmmaker, a budding content creator, or just into exploring catchy visuals, this app caters to all your video editing needs. Use the latest editing tools, such as keyframe animation, multiple layers, blending modes, and vector graphics, to give your ideas life and a captivating look.


The stand-out benefit of Alight Motion APK  Download is its wide-ranging library of presets, effects, and transitions that equip you to redo your videos with unmatched mastery. You’ll have access to countless creative options, from striking color grading to mesmerizing visual effects. On top of that, the modified version offers superior features, empowering you to benefit from the app’s full potential beyond any limitations.

A Gold Mine of Incredible Effects

This app is loaded with spectacular effects for images and videos. Your visual creations show your unmatched editing skills and speak volumes as you efficiently add dramatic effects, borders, and shadows to your videos. Alight Motion presents a gold mine of distortion effects, inspiring you to give a fresh spin to your videos.

Immerse into a surplus of options with the Swirl effect, decorate your visual art with the Wave Warp effect, and the muscle of the Pinch/Bulge effect, molding your images with convex or concave accuracy.

Get hold of a world of visual magic as you delve into the blend mode, and immerse your videos in stunning and intricate effects. Uncover the art of perfect matching and blending many products into a fascinating visual wonder. Remember this for those who venture into creating professional-grade videos: Alight Motion Premium Apk is your primary partner in achieving graphic expertise.

Vibrant Color Pallete

In video editing, the color palette rules the game, defining nature and the visual’s theme. With Alight Motion’s vibrant color and highlight effects at your fingertips, you have the tool to paint your videos with your personal touch. You can indulge in a vivid world where colors tell stories.

Whether designing a video story or showing a quick short clip, boost your creativity and fine-tune the hues that swirl across your screen with an easy-to-use tool. Apply the tools to skillfully utilize individual colors or coordinate chromatic images that unfold through your clips. With Alight Motion Mod Apk App, you use a domain where every aspect becomes integral to your visual narrative. Harness the mind-blowing power of color and let your videos display intensity and definition.

Huge Selection of Text Fonts

Most visuals come with a short text of some sort. Well… Alight Motion Pro has got that covered too. You can add customizable text to your videos with many fonts and styles. Different colors and sizes can also be adjusted according to your requirements in this App.

Easy To Operate

The editing maestro within you will happily use this app, as it is easy for newbies and pro video editors. Alight Motion Pro has a built-in user system that anyone can handle easily. Whether you’re a pro or just new to editing, this app covers you. Gone are the days when video editing was only for experts; you can now benefit from the simplicity of Alight Motion Pro. The editing adventure you’ll have on your mobile device equals that of desktop software users. With the power in your hand, you’ll have a solid grip on every aspect of your editing adventure, freeing yourself from the hassle of difficult video editing issues. Say bye to mind-boggling computer tasks as Alight Motion Pro’s latest version enables you to edit in full swing. This app opens a world where visual artistry has no limits, and your creativity has open grounds to explore.

Flawless Videos in No Time

You can revel in the freedom Alight Motion Pro offers. With this remarkable app, users can export their visual creations flawlessly as high-definition MP4 videos or animated GIFs. This app enables you to represent drafts of your work, saving files for further editing. On top of that, you can also easily share your creations on digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram with all who lay eyes on your creations. Showcase your expertise, and let your art do the talking.

Alight Motion PC Download

You can also avail the benefits of the Alight Motion Pro App on a PC as it is easily adaptable to most devices, be it your smart device, a laptop, or a desktop.

Modded Features of Alight Motion Mod Apk

  • This app offers amazing benefits and aspects of Alight Motion for Android users. This App has unlimited features developed particularly for animators and videographers. It enables you to create with multiple layers, with breathtaking graphics and animations that are absolutely unmatched.
  • Keyframe Animations, where every setting and option leads to a mirage of endless expression. You can explore an extensive mix of visual effects and allow your editing genius to speed up.
  • The Color Correction option enables you to create the perfect visual, style, and shading for each frame, assuring each is stunning. You will also benefit from filling features, from gradients to solid colors, to add a touch of visual brilliance.
  • Amplify your creations with beautiful shading and border effects, exploring the limits of creative impression. If you would prefer a graphic style, a lovable cartoon image, or an engaging anime vibe, you can modify it. The artist in you can alter and create vector graphics, playing with numerous animation styles.
  • Execute smooth videos and clear-cut steps with Animation Easing, designing hypnotic motions. Encounter the mojo of realistic motion blur, where true-to-life speed intensifies each frame.
  • Export your creations as MP4 videos or add animated thrill with your GIFs. Never miss a second of creativity with Alight Motion’s easy saving features, enabling you to review and finalize your masterpieces quickly.
  • Alight Motion allows you to create, demonstrate, and reinvent the possibilities in animation and videography.



  • Constant improvements
  • Video export in several formats
  • Multiple layers for graphics, videos, and audio
  • A powerful foundation for creating effects
  • Capacity to import custom fonts
  • Loads of free editing elements
  • Compatibility for Android and iOS
  • Advertisements in the free version
  • Difficult to navigate for beginners
  • Watermark in the free version is not a prominent benefit of Alight Motion Mod APK.


  • Constant improvements
  • Video export in several formats
  • Multiple layers for graphics, videos, and audio
  • A powerful foundation for creating effects
  • Capacity to import custom fonts
  • Loads of free editing elements
  • Compatibility for Android and iOS


  • Advertisements in the free version
  • Difficult to navigate for beginners
  • Watermark in the free version is not a prominent benefit of Alight Motion Mod APK.

How to Download Alight Motion Mod APK?

  • Enhance your Alight Motion adventure to the next level by upgrading to the paid version. But before that, you need to uninstall the free version of Alight APK Mod on your phone.
  • Click on the link at the top of this page to download the Alight Motion APK for free. To unlock the potential of this App, go to “Security Settings” and tick the box next to “Unknown sources.”
  • This will allow you to download from new origins. Open your phone’s “File Manager” app and find “APKs” in the dropdown menu.
  • Select it with a tap on the “install” button. Wait for the installation to finish, which will take a little time.
  • Congratulations! You’ve attained the peak of this epic journey. Your Android device is now enabled with the high-powered Alight Motion application. Seize its power, use it to its full potential, and let your creativity reach a phenomenal extent.

How To download Alight Motion apk


To sum it up, we have prepared a world of endless possibilities opening its doors to you. Broaden your visual creativity, animate your imagination, and engross yourself in high-quality advertisements and classic trademark visuals. Alight Motion Mod APK becomes your trustworthy digital tool, always in your access for on-the-go editing adventures. We’ve launched this process to bring you the information and steps to download the app easily. Take the plunge, grab the chance, and let your creativity stand out.

Become a part of an exciting community of artists and enthusiasts, and share your creations immediately within the app. Link with like-minded individuals, master new techniques, and inspire others with your exclusive style. Alight Motion Mod APK equips you to become a superb visual storyteller.

Download Alight Motion Mod APK now and venture into endless creativity. Set your imagination free, create fascinating videos, and let your skills shine. You can also download alight motion mod apk all version in the below list. The world awaits your artistic genius, and the possibilities are endless!


Who is Alight Motion App for?

Alight Motion App is the one editing tool that fits all your video editing needs, be it beginners or champs of editing.

Is Alight Motion App fit for use on all kinds of devices?

Alight Motion App is easily usable on both Android and IOS devices.

Is Alight Motion App easy to use?

It is easy if you follow the step-by-step guideline on downloading and honing this App.

Utilize the full potential of your Android device with the terrific Alight Motion App. Whether you’re a budding video editor or a learned pro, this dynamic tool can upgrade your video editing and graphic design game.

Discover the mastermind behind this genius creation: Matthew Feinberg, the visionary who brought Alight Motion to life. The brainchild of a creative genius, this app is a testament to their unwavering passion and dedication.

Now, Imagine this: a realm where you can adopt the potential of Alight Motion Pro on your Android device absolutely free of cost. Yes, you heard it right! Explore the full scale of high-end features at no cost at all. Adapt the path to success by obtaining the free version of Alight Motion Pro on your trusty Android device.

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